Thank you for your interest in downloading "How to do a 10 Day Juice Detox".  Whether it was need or curiosity that prompted you to do so, my hope is that you will understand how something as simple as drinking juice can dramatically improve your health.

Juicing has had such a big impact on my health, that I now want to tell tell the whole world how they too can enjoy a healthier, more radiant life!

There are a few ways you can use this eBook to best suit your lifestyle and needs. You can:

  • do the full 10 days
  • do 7days (2 transitioning-in days, 3 juice fast days, 2 transitioning-out days)
  • do 3 days (1 transitioning-in day, 1 juice fast day, 1 transitioning-out day) - the weekends are great for this option!
  • or don't worry about the fast, and just start incorporating the smoothies and juices into your day
Whichever one you choose is a great choice for you, and you will see and feel the difference!I wish you the very best on your juicy journey to health! Click HERE to download.

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Feel free to send this eBook to anyone you like. They don't even have to subscribe, but of course it would be nice if they did! ;)

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Enjoy the book and show the world your glow!


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