Wednesday, October 23, 2013


We are getting a new 2nd fridge at home and I had to defrost the old one which meant I had to use up all my produce today unless I wanted it to spoil. This is what happened...

Getting my mason jars ready: I store my juices in mason jars like these. When I do massive juices I like to use the 2L jars because they are more space efficient, but the 1L ones work as well. The juice keeps well in these jars & in the fridge for up to 3 days.

Getting my juicers ready: when I do massive juices like this, I use both my juicers so I don't burn the motor on either. I use my Power Juicer to juice water filled produce (i.e. apples, cucumbers, oranges) and use my Green Star for all my greens and non- watery fruits and veggies.

Getting my produce ready: this is pretty much ALL the produce in my fridge! Isn't it pretty?! That was a whole lot of prepping, but knowing that I am taking care of my body makes it all worthwhile

Getting down & dirty: Lots of mess & color - oh would you look at that foam!

Yay new juice!: experimenting with combinations lead to a new discovery. This here is "Sweet Ol' Vitamin C" (I decided to add the 'Ol after I had written Sweet Vitamin C on the lid)

Another new juice!: I think I will call this one "Purplemania". The recipes for both juices will be up when I figure out exact ingredient quantities. I am an intuitive person and never look at or write down recipes, which is why I suck at posting recipes here. I'm trying to get better at that - please be patient with me.

Voilà:the grand total was 9 liters of pure juiciness!!! The picture only shows 8 because mom and I drank the 9th! :)


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