Monday, July 15, 2013


One of the questions I get asked most about juice fasting is "how much weight can I loose during a juice fast?" To which I reply "well, I lost 41 pounds in 60 days" - many are amazed (as was I), and want to jump right, do a juice fast and loose some weight!

Let me remind y'all that the 60 day juice fast was driven by a true need to become healthier and relieve a lot of physical pain, and while the weight loss was an awesome bonus, it was not the goal.

So now, fast forward 82 days later and you find me here, starting a 10 day juice fast - this time the goal being weight loss...

You might ask why, what happened?  Well good question, a few things happened...
  1. I had a pretty crappy transition back into cooked foods -  I didn't take my time, rushed like a fool, gave into cravings, ate a whole lot of salty food and put a bunch of water weight back on.
  2. Since the fast, I've switched to a dairy, meat & gluten-free diet - this has been a big learning experience, and to "make up" for all the things I now don't eat, I had plenty(okay, a WHOLE FREAKING LOT) of fruits, dates (mmmmmm dates), and excess fat from nuts & seeds. While these foods in themselves are actually super healthy and good for you, excess consumption will pack on the pounds. (bummer)
  3. I got lazy for a couple of months and didn't work out - this is the biggest culprit, and I probably could have gotten away with the two first things if I had kept my butt moving. But I didn't. And the weight came back on.... *sigh
Self admittedly, after realizing that I had put back the majority of the weight back on (32 lbs out of 41lbs lost), I sat down feeling pretty sorry for myself, wallowing in self pity (while stuffing my mouth with dates and bananas... don't judge me...) 

After beating myself up a bit (not literally, just inside my head), I had to come up with a game plan to keep me from continuing to blow up like a balloon. The "plan" looks a little something like this:
  • I'm going to stop being so hard on myself - this is a learning curve, and I am going to be okay with making a few mistakes along the way. Increased health, energy and pain relief were the main purpose of the 1st juice fast, and I have in fact achieved them, so noting is lost. The weight, was never the goal in the first place.
  • I'm going to do a 10 day juice fast with mostly green juice to try to get rid of the pesky water weight that has me swollen up (I'll still have carb-overload weight to loose after, but hey, it's a start.) And this time around, I'm paying attention on  the numbers on the scale. I don't know how many or how fast, but I will keep you all posted.
  • To deal with my stagnant (and ever growing) behind, I've signed up to run a marathon next May (baby steps whaaat?!) hahaha - given my current physical shape (or lack of), to have any hope of finishing the marathon, I have to start getting into shape NOW. Today. Right now....going to do some push-ups after I'm done writing this .. ugh.. I strongly dislike push-ups...and squats... I think I'll do them both tonight... sigh
 SO there you have it folks, I'm once again putting myself out there, sharing with you my "bumps-on-the road". I've told you all since the beginning that just like you, I'm still trying to figure this whole healthy lifestyle thing out - I'm still far from having it all together, but I am definitely further along the journey than when I first started! 

Alright, so that's all for now - I started juicing today at 86.2kgs, let's see how these numbers change over the next 10 days!

UPDATE: If you want to find out what happened with this juice fast, and a very important lesson I learned throughout it, click HERE

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