Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Hi friends, so I wanted to check in and let you all know how the 10 day juice fast went.

Actually, this post is more like "How the 10 day juice fast didn't go" - needless to say, the fast did not go as planned.

Sure it started excellent. On the morning of day 5, I weighted in 10. 5 lbs down from my starting weight. Great right?! Surely it only get's better from here, I'm half way done, and after all, with a looooong fast under my belt, 5 days more are NOTHING.

Wrong. I didn't make it past day 5.

My original excuse was to say that I wasn't well prepared and ran out of juice and produce to make more (which was true). But then mom offered to buy more produce and even help me with the prep work - an offer that I declined.

Great, now I had no excuse.

I had originally planned to get back on it on Saturday, but I didn't - then on Sunday, but again I didn't. Instead I ate a lot of re-fried beans and corn chips.

Yesterday I thought "Okay, for sure today I will start again!" Then less than 10 minutes later I was chewing on dates. Which was later followed by a case of shameless fries consumption at Wild Water Kingdom, our local water park right outside Toronto.

Yup ... that's your girl - and yup those are fries... and yeah....  that's guilt written all over my face haha (Why I'm showing you this, oh gosh I don't know - maybe I'm a glutton (maybe pun intended) for public disapproval & humiliation.) 

Jokes aside, I want to show this because I promised that I would share with you the good and the bad. I am not here to show you how perfect I am and how disciplined and healthy I am.

Also because writing this makes me ask myself what happened? How did I "fall off the wagon" so bad?

When I start being all introspective I ask myself a bunch of questions, one being, "Well why did I start this juice fast in the first place?"

In the answer to that question laid the answer to my big question "Why did I fall short of my goal?"

The answer is: I made weight loss my goal - something I already knew was tricky territory for me because of my history with eating disorders. A risk I thought I was okay to take now that I was "clean", but looking now in retrospect, not such a hot idea.

When I did my 60 day juice fast I promised myself that the goal was not weight loss, and although I was tempted at the beginning to make it about the weight, (I had to hide my scale after on day 20) I had to make sure that my health was my first priority and reason. As a result  the juice fast was a success and an amazing experience.

This time around I tried making it about the weight again, and it didn't go so well.

Lesson learned : Doing a juice fast for weight loss ONLY reasons, is likely to blow up in your face. Just look at that picture above...

SO there you have it friends - I hope my juice fast for weight loss "fail", helps some of you out there somehow.

Today I am reminding myself that juice fasting is not a fad diet, a weight loss quick fix, super slimming gimmick - it is a beautiful and delicate process of cleansing, detoxifying, nourishing, healing and self-love.  

So for all of you my dear friends reading this who want to do a juice fast just for the weight loss... don't do it.

You may be stronger than me and finish it, but the weight is just going to come back on.

Let's make a commitment to loose weight the right and healthy way. A way that is based on a lifestyle change. One that incorporates clean meals and exercise!

I'd love to hear from you, so let me know what you think of this whole thing of "juicing for weight loss" (I know it's the fad nowadays.) What has been your experience? Let me know!


  1. Hi! I just want to let you know that I think you are beautiful the way you are. I am just finishing up a juicefast and am finding it VERY DIFFICULT not to eat lots of junk. It is already hard so don't be hard on yourself. You are doing great!

    1. Awww thank you Kena! How lovely of you to write something encouraging! I'm definitely learning to not be too hard on myself, it's hard!
      I'm wishing you the best on your transition out of juicing, I know first hand how tricky that can be!

      Sending you lots of love!!!

  2. Hola, Creo que eres una mujer muy fuerte, pero como dices, tu motivación no debe de ser bajar de peso, sino ser una persona saludable. Es una verdadera pena en realidad que en el paado hayas tenido problemas con tu peso, en realidad creo que eres una persona muy linda y digna de admirar :) Por mi parte estoy comenzando con un ayuno de 40 días por cuestiones espirituales ;) y tu blog me ah dado muchas ideas y en realidad me has dado mucha inspiración :D keep on going girl, dont feel bad about yourself, and you shearing this means that your are real with all of us, so dont torture yourself ♥

    1. Muchas gracias Danee, tu me mandaste un email no? Como queria escribirte de regrezo, pero mi espanol no es muy bueno. I just relized now though, that you speak English too hahaha, so yeah...
      I want to wish you the very best on your fast - I has some of the best time in my relationship with God during my fast, so I am really excited for you. Please keep me posted!

      Love, Lorena


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