Monday, June 03, 2013


After doing almost 100 days of combined juice fasting & after countless questions on how I did my most recent 60 day juice fast, I decided to put all the information I've learned, both through research and experience into a neat little package.

 It is designed to be an introduction to juice fasting with 3 days of transitioning-in, 5 days of juice fast, and 2 days of transitioning-out. You can however choose to:
  • do only 7days (2 transitioning-in days, 3 juice fast days, 2 transitioning-out days) 
  •  do 3 days (1 transitioning-in day, 1 juice fast day, 1 transitioning-out day) - the weekends are great for this option!
  • OR not worry about the fast, and just use the juice, smoothie, and shake recipes! 

 Some neat features include:
  • clickable links to resources and videos
  • tips for before, during, and after the juice fast
  • juice & smoothie recipes
  • a shopping list
  • print-freindly options for the recipes & shopping list

All you need to do to get your copy is subscribe!!!

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback please let me know!

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