Sunday, June 30, 2013


Recently one beautiful reader pointed out that in my juicing e-Book "How to Do a 10 Day Juice Detox", there was not a lot of information on the actual preparation of the juices. I agreed, and thought I would do a post outlining a few basic guidelines I use when making my juices.

Before I get to that however, I want to show you my juicer Star, short for GS-1000 Green Star Basic HD Twin Gear Juicer (I know she's is a bit dirty, but hey juicing is a messy event). The juice that this machine produces is said to be of the highest quality possible. You can read why here. Unfortunately it's pretty expensive, however you can find a used one on the internet - I found mine for a 1/3 of the original price. These juicers are made to last, and even if you get a used one, it will still last you for a very long time.

Okey now I will share with you the basic guidelines I follow as I prep for my juices:

  1. Wash all fruits and veggies
  2. Peel all citrus fruits (failing to do so will result in a ridiculously bitter juice - trust me), but leave some of the white part of the rind (tons of nutrients are packed there)
  3. Fruits with non-edible skin should be peeled 
  4. Remove pits from all produce (so you don't wreck your juicer)
  5. Sweet potatoes don't need to be peeled, but can be if you want to
  6. As a general rule: If the peel is edible, leave it on
  7. Cut all produce to the size needed to fit in your juicer's chute (the smaller the pieces, the easier they'll be to juice)
  8. I like to strain my juice afterwards to get rid of pulp (this is specially important if you are doing a juice fast)
  9. Store all your juices in an airtight container - I am OBSESSED with Mason Jars
  10. I try to clean my juicer as soon as possible before the juice and pulp dry up and cleaning becomes a nightmare

So there you have it, I've shared with you a few juicy things I've had to learn along the way, I've sort of been figuring this is out as I go! The MOST IMPORTANT RULE I've learned thus far is: Have fun, get creative, and make your own juicy discoveries!

I hope this answers your questions, if this post was helpful to you, I'd love to know - If you have any questions, also let me know. Your feedback helps me to know whether any of the stuff I post makes any sense, and gives me ideas for future posts!

Lastly I wanna send a BIG SHOUT OUT to the juicy Miss. Mercedes + her co-workers who are planning on starting their juice fast tomorrow. YOU GLOW GIRLS!!!

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