Wednesday, April 03, 2013


Hello, hi! It's been a few days weeks since I've blogged about my juice fast adventure, I apologize for that. With only 2 weeks before finals and all my assignments piled up at the tail end of the semester, your girl has been having to crunch down and get things done!

I want however to take a couple of minutes to share with you what's been going on these past few weeks in regards to the juice fast - just a whole bunch of random tid-bits as they come to mind... here I go:

  • Last post you saw that I started taking spirulina as a supplement because I had decided to start weight training - now I know, you're probably freaking out thinking "Lorena, why would you weight train if you are not taking any sort of protein to help you! Your muscles are going to waste away!!!" and if I wasn't taking spirulina perhaps you'd be somewhat right. However did you know that spirulina is 60-70% a complete protein?! This means that it has 10-15 times more protein than lean meat!!! Amazing right?!!! I've been working out 5 days a week and weight training 3 of those days, my muscle recovery time is short, and I have plenty of energy during my workouts.
  • Tomorrow is day 40 and although I have not weighted myself since day 20, I can feel the difference in weight and yesterday had to go buy new jeans! Yay!!! I think I can attribute much of the weight release to the combination of juicing and a solid and consistent workout plan!
  • These past 2 weeks have been a real roller coaster - I've had some amazing highs and some pretty interesting lows. The lows have been, rises and dips in energy - I think due to the extra energy exertion and the turbo-detox effects of spirulina and apple cider vinegar I've been drinking. They also have included few tid bits of negative criticism that one should expect when others find out you're drinking nothing but juices for 60 days. These on the other hand have been vastly outnumbered by the encouraging, admiring and cheering comments I've also received. Another super awesome high, has been the amount of people asking me questions about juicing and expressing an interest in trying juicing for their own health, how awesome is that?! (I think I will write a separate, more elaborate post of this later on, right now my energy is winding down fast)
  • Lastly, I've noticed how cold I feel for most of the time ... the weather outside totally does not help and I've been going to sleep with 3 extra blankets (I'm dead serious) - I read that this is a normal detox side effect, but has anyone else experienced this?
 I had originally meant for this post to be a bit longer and more detailed, but my energy is going through a dip and my body is begging me for a nap - so until next time, STAY JUICY!! 

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