Saturday, March 02, 2013


Okey, so the detox has really begun - not only did I feel like crap for most of the day, but (I don't want to get too graphic here) my elimination just went a tad bit out of control. It amazes me how our intestines keep all that stuff in there, I haven't eaten solid food in a week and I'm still ... well... going! To me, this just reinforces the importance of giving your digestive system a break and giving it a good spring cleaning!

As I mentioned earlier, today I was feeling pretty crappy - physically I was tired and emotionally I was moody, easily flustered and found it really hard to focus. Funny enough I was thinking about how stupid this fast really is an how it will probably not have any positive effects on me (which of course I KNOW is not true, because I've done this before and had amazing results). I wasn't however feeling any effects of the fast on my system, other than feeling sleepy.

 I'd been waiting for something, either a grumble in the tummy, or a rash, or SOMETHING that would tell me that the toxins were leaving. I figured since nothing was happening maybe I didn't have any toxins (yeah right) and that I should at least be feeling super energized - but I wasn't. So I was having a pity party and then... well... things got moving ... haha

I am not having any food cravings although I keep having these dreams where I accidentally eat food and I'm like Noooooooooooooo! Hahaha - crazy how subconsciousness works.

Now that I know that my body is responding to the detox, I have almost doubled my water intake to help the process and get rid of all the gunk in my body faster and more effectively! FLUSH FLUSH FLUSH!!!

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