Friday, March 01, 2013


I woke up knowing that today was going to be a busy day - that being said, I found it very difficult to get up. The lack of self -care during the past two days, was catching up with me, and I felt it. I eventually got up, got breakfast and lunches ready for the guys and the proceeded to make my juice. I wanted to maximize my day, so I decided to make all three juices at once, it took about 1.5 hours but once I finished, I finished.

As I was drinking my morning juice I was feeling overwhelmed -  I was regretting not spending time during the week doing school work and felt a bit anxious about an exam on Monday. I also needed to do some house cleaning and laundry AND I was feeling poorly about my hair being damaged...   I didn't know where to start or what to do first, debating whether I should get a haircut or not... so naturally I started wasting time...

As I was looking up juice recipes, I came across a website that I knew from my last juice fast - it's main purpose is to educate people on the benefits and importance of juice fasting and also providing them with knowledge and support as they embark on a juice fast journey. He is a christian fellow, which made me feel a lot more at ease - I always feel iffy about taking mind, body & soul advice from secular sources, (I once dabbled with eastern religion and it was a mess) but I found his site to be informative and encouraging.

This was very timely, because as I read I realized that many of the things I was feeling that were making me feel overwhelmed, were actually detox side-effects and not just in my head.

He also had a page on bulimia (something I struggled for 9 years) and binge eating (something I still struggle with and have been since I was 14) and that hit home with me (I caught myself tensing up and backing away from the screen. )

His message however was hopeful, as he explained that while many time these disorders can be traced back to past  deep hurts and woundedness (which I had), they at some point become habits. He further explained that such unhealthy habits can be broken by reprogramming your mind and taste buds through fasting!

These were great news because I had been wondering why, even after receiving healing from much woundedness, I was still struggling with my relationship with food! Habits, he said... and it all started to make sense...

I need to learn how to have a healthy relationship with food, it's not just going to happen (God knows I hoped it would!) and I am grateful that this juice fast can help me to do that. I guess that by limiting oneself to having only  healthy, healing, life-giving juices for a certain amount of time, and restraining oneself from eating whatever & whenever , one develops restraints and new way of looking at and treating food.

I'm thankful for this insight and I am looking forward to discovering more about myself and my body throughout this journey. I thought this would be just about ridding myself of physical toxins, but it is turning out to be so much more.

Today is the first day I found myself needing to take a nap, although I'm unsure whether it was because of the detox or because of my lack of sleep - either way, I had a refreshing 45 minute nap!

That is all for now, I still have some house cleaning left to do, mom comes home tonight and I want the house to be nice and clean when she returns!

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