Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I was dreading today - based on everything I've read and my previous experience, the third day is the toughest (not quite sure why).

I woke up feeling okey, a bit hungry but as soon as I got breakfast and lunches made for dad and David I made my juices.

First, I had to find a way to rescue the rest of the bitter nastiness from yesterday so I juiced tried to juice some pineapple - I learned that my juicer does not like pineapple and made a mess - I still managed to get some juice though :D

Pineapple juice anything is worth the work! I added the pineapple juice to the bitter nastiness and voilá, it was drinkable! Still bitter, but less nasty, I can deal with that.

I then proceeded to make my green juice and made enough to last me all day. It's interesting how its just juice but it totally fills you up!

As far as temptations, I was fine up until about 4 - I was making dinner and the Spanish rice I was simmering started smelling waaaaaaay too good! So what did I do? I went straight to the fridge and poured myself a tall one - not giving in. Can't you just see the excitement in my face? haha

As far as detox symptoms, I was okey until later in in the day - I started feeling very unfocused and my mind was foggy. I also found myself more irritable and less tolerant. These are normal detox side effects which is why I'm not concerned. I do however look forward to the second part of the process where my mind starts clearing up and my energy stats to soar - I can hardly wait!

Tonight I met with my mentor who got to see first hand just how unfocused I was and we had a few laughs about it. It was a great meeting, I am  blessed to have her in my life - she makes me think a lot and inspires me to be a better and godlier young woman. She is my spiritual mama and I love her - a great ending to my day.

Okey, I go to bed now - 3 days down!

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