Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I really thought this whole fast would be much worse than it actually is, last year it seemed so much harder! I guess it helps not coming into it blind the way I did last year - also there is a good chance that there is not as much to detoxify as last time, since that was my first hard core detox ever.

The one thing I seem to be having trouble with is making a good tasting juice, or at least one that is palatable!

This morning I thought to make a grapefruit/carrot/ginger juice, which in theory should taste amazing (the sweetness of the carrot mixing in with the slight tartness but also sweetness of the grapefruit and  mildly spicy ginger end notes...yum!)

However, yours truly decided that it would be a good idea to juice the entire grapefruit , peel and all - the result: a horrid bitter taste with and even worse after taste!!! It was bad and ... I made about two litters of it ... grrreat... I took this picture  right before having my first sip (if I only knew what I was in for...)

Now that I think about it, that is probably the reason I dint feel hungry all day - knowing that my giant mason jar full of bitterness waited for me in the fridge took all signs of hunger away.
I drank most of it anyways, can't be starving myself.

On a good note, I love love love the way my new juicer juices carrots!!! The pulp comes out so dry you just know that every bit of juicy goodness is getting squeezed out, and that makes me one happy juicer!

Overall, I am doing well, not nearly as bad as I thought, even the smell of cooking doesn't affect me much - my system seems to be taking it well. I am definitely happy that I took my time transitioning into it, I think that is helping as well - my body is not getting a shock from the lack of meat, dairy, wheat and processed food because I have taken those out of my diet slowly in the past 2 months.

Well that's all for today, two days down 58 more to go!

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