Friday, January 18, 2013


I know it is 19 days past New Years, but my two best friends an I had a blast and I'd like to share it with ya'll.

First we met at Ruth's house where she presented Erin and I with 3 matching rings - Ruth's (left)is brass, mine copper (middle) and Erin's silver (right).
We then drove downtown to Ruth's big brother Sam's apartment and started snapping away. We often complain that we don't have any good quality pictures of all three of us, so we couldn't pass this chance up!

We're soul sistas! Erin (left), myself & Ruth (right)
Erin's smile could make the grumpiest old man get the warm and fuzzies

Then afterwards Sam and Ruth serenaded us :)
The prettiest Malaysian I know
Sam, why you no smile?

We then walked a few blocks to a "lawyer" party (Sam is a lawyer, and so are his friends)

We so silly!!!

Our gracious hosts

Yup, something was definitely funny
Her laugh makes my world go around
Erin calling her boyfriend James who had a hospital shift that night

My Ruth & I

Best New Years date - Love you chicas!!!

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