Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hurrah! It's up!

Sooo it took me a large part of my day but I finally got this blog to look the way I wanted it to. I am ecstatic about it because this is something that I have wanted to have for a while  but somehow I felt it wasn't the right time for it.

I do however feel that now is the time - and I am excited to share a bit of my life as a young woman, a daughter, a student, a big sister, a huge lover of the beauty found in creation, and curious creative but first and foremost a daughter of the Almighty!

I must confess that writing is not my strong point, so bear with me :D

- Lorena


  1. Wow, did you do this all by yourself? It has such a professional touch. Elegant and beautiful, like you(:

  2. I did, thank you! God totally tutored me through it, because I've tried before to do this and it just never turned out right - This time around however I was able to do everything in one day!
    Just a little re-affirmation that this is the right time :)


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