Thursday, July 26, 2012

Come Thou Fount - By Page CXVI / Brokenness Aside - All Sons & Daughters

Lord may you seal me in your arms as I bring myself to you as a living sacrifice - You know me in and out - you know my deepest self. As my deep cries out to your deep - may I find the grace and strength I so desperately need to get me through this specific time. Bring me through to the victorious side of this for the glory of your name. 
I love you - thank you for wanting to perfect and sanctify me.
You are the greatest doctor, counselor and healer - I am scared, but I surrender. Consume me from the inside out if you must but do not surrender me to my enemies. Please rise up and fight for me when I cannot.
I know in my heart that you love me - and to that I say: I love you too.

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